OK, so she is holding it a little improperly, but at least she is keeping her finger off the trigger. That is definitely a step in the right direction. Love her or hate her, this is most certainly a sign that main stream pop culture is becoming more comfortable with shooting. That is a very good thing, my friends.  Be sure and read the article below. And feel free to giggle out loud at the term “rifle gun” as it pertains to skeet shooting (whaaat??). Sigh. At least they are trying.







When Claire Dunfy (Julie Bowen) went to the shooting range by herself in and almost-not-negative way on ABCs Modern Family last season, I was shocked and excited at what this might mean for us as shooters. Could it be that the gun meme is changing? Will our right to bear arms be attacked a bit less now that loveable (ok, and some not so loveable) Hollywood A-listers are capitalizing on shooting range photo ops? Only time will tell, but I do believe that we should be loud about cheering these characters and people on when they are supporting our 2A. Even if they don’t necessarily mean to. Give them some love. Other groups are fantastic about working to have their agenda publicized positively through pop culture. Why not us?

Claire (Julie Bowen) explaining to Gloria (Sophia Vergara) what she has been hiding from the family – her shooting addiction!