The most important thing you should know about guns is that they can be dangerous if used improperly. But if you understand and know your way around firearms, you can have a safe and fun time while shooting them.  Here are the 10 basic rules of guns safety you should follow any time you’re in the presence of firearms.

  1. Assume That Any Gun, at Any Time, is Loaded.

  2. Always Keep the Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction.

  3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger.

  4. Be Absolutely Sure of What You’re Shooting at.

  5. Know Your Gun Inside and Out.

  6. Don’t Shoot at Hard Surfaces (Including Water).

  7. Don’t Simply Rely on the Safety Mechanism. Use Your Brain.

  8. Load Your Gun Only When You Need to.

  9. Use the Proper Ammo.

  10. Pay Attention and Use Your Brain.

Scottsdale Gun Club safety video – best one we’ve ever seen!

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And check out the Scottsdale Gun Club, a Girls Guide favorite, at the link below: