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“Natalie Foster, co-founder along with Katie of Girl’s Guide to Guns, wants to make sure that women find their way to guns for more than just protection.”  – Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Women Who Hunt or Shoot: Your Stories and Pictures

“It’s always refreshing to see more and more women entering the tactical industry with full force, and encouraging others to do so as well. That’s just one of the reasons why we love Natalie Foster, the creator and CEO of Girls Guide to Guns. This full-time blogger (and jewelry designer) realized there wasn’t much information out there for stylish chicks…” – The Magnum Report: Bldg4801

“You meet a number of interesting people while trawling through the twitterverse. It usually starts the same way — you see a pic, read a retweet, and next thing you know there’s a Follow Friday, Tweet-up or a Direct Message thanks for retweeting my post. That’s how things got started for NRAblog and Girl’s Guide to Guns.” – NRA Blog



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