So here’s the thing…We dig firepower, but we don’t dig violence. Safety is our number one priority and that includes speech as well as behavior. We demand responsible gun ownership of ourselves, our friends and our readers. That responsibility applies to language just as it does to the handling of a firearm. Guns are tools and when used properly, their benefits are profound. But as we all know, when handled improperly, guns can also be harmful or deadly. You’re a big girl, so we trust you to understand what we mean and to take safety seriously. If you have questions, let us know. We’ll be happy to clarify.

We monitor this site as carefully as possible and anything that borders on violent speech will be immediately deleted and reported to authorities, if necessary. No joke.  Though we have a lot of fun, we take this kind of thing very seriously, so no comments about your exes or your boss. Guns are not therapists, and neither are we.

Thanks in advance for your compliance.

Natalie & Katie