Like many of us, RebeccaGuns is new-ish to the world of shooting. She is also a city dweller, like me. She is also just kind of awesome. I stumbled upon this piece she penned for GunNuts via Twitter a couple of days ago and totally flipped for it. It is literally my all time favorite gun article I have ever read. Ever. Infinity times a thousand. I think you will dig it, too.

Check it out:


The City Dwelling Gunner

August 27, 2012


In the hostile spaces between concrete monoliths resides one unlikely species with an unflinching determination to survive. Possessing skillful training and weaponry, while employing the full scope of its cunning, this creature moves undetected through the perilous byways of its natural habitat. Its cautious demeanor and keen senses help it navigate undetected as it forages for food and performs complex mating rituals, which are still largely a mystery to science. With the help of some dedicated organizations like the National Rifle Association however, these reclusive beasts are finally being lured out of hiding in order to receive the study and research they deserve.


Now go read the rest of it here:

Rebecca showing off the first gun she chose for herself. The Kimber Raptor.