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So I was speaking to a friend about the videos we have been doing for NRA News the other day and I asked her about her perspective on how it is all going. Her background: though she was never technically anti-gun, she grew up in a household that vilified them. After working in a gun-related industry, she is now a gun owner and advocate, so I really appreciate and respect her perspective on the current gun conversation out there in the media.

Her answer to my question was that she thought it was cool that all of the commentators had different perspectives and has actually been surprised by some of our content. I said, “but do you think it is having an impact?” She replied, “ya know… what I think is starting to happen is that people are no longer listening to either side of the media when it comes to the topic of guns.”

Hmmm… interesting.  Her response to my question got me thinking. My initial reaction is, “GOOD!! Now perhaps people will be thinking for themselves.” This could be a really positive thing for our side of the discussion. I truly believe that when gun skeptics or open-minded individuals actually see who we are and what we are all about, they will understand that being a part of the gun community is not so evil after all.

Anyway, it got me thinking… I have an incredibly cool and thoughtful group of readers. I’d really like your input on this. What are your thoughts on conventional wisdom regarding guns? How do you see the conversation going these days? Hit me back in the comments below.



One comment from “Peter” via email:

I think that most people really don’t think much about guns at all. In my experience, most people don’t really care one way or another, so that in everyday conversation, when the subject comes up, the response is something like, “Oh?”
Which gives us good folk a foot in the door, so to speak.
Example: I took some (all female) kids out to eat a couple of weeks ago as a reward for doing well at the range.
Cute as a box of puppies, en masse.
When the waitress figured out why we were discussing a bunch of targets laid out on the table, she didn’t freak out. She was interested!
As a result, three of the waitress are going to the range with me, as soon as our schedules permit.
New shooters! Yay!
And no pink in sight. Except for the grips on my carry nine.