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Non-Profits & Associations

The Appleseed Project

Gun Owners of America

National Rifle Association

NRA Blog

NRA Women’s Programs

NRA News

Women Against Gun Control

Female Shooters

Jessie Abate

Julie Goloski-Golob

Women’s Shooting Groups

Austin Sure Shots

League of Lethal Ladies

The Women’s Shooting Academy

The Women’s Tactical Association


My Bullet Points

My Gun Culture

Outdoor Blog Network

Women & Guns

Women of Caliber


Books, Magazines & Products

Gun Laws

Packing in Pink

Women & Guns Magazine

Informational Sites & Communities

Firearm Sites

Gun Talk Radio


Internet Movie Firearms Database

Just Facts: Gun Control

Pursue the Outdoors

Team Huntress


AR-15 ChatterBox


Canadian Gun Nutz

Right to Keep & Bear Arms

Texas Gun Talk

Utah Concealed Carry

XD Talk