Let the contest begin! Lightfield Less Lethal and Girls Guide to Guns  want to hear your stories and see your photos. Here is how it works:

1) Send in 1-3 photos of you and your shotgun.

2) Answer one, two or all three of the following questions questions in a paragraph. Please keep it under 500 words.

  • What do you love about shooting?
  • What does shooting mean to you?
  • Why and how did you get in to shooting?

Send all entries to [email protected]

The top three winners selected by Girls Guide and Lightfield will find their photos and stories posted on this site and they will receive a gift box of Lightfield Less Lethal ammunition*. Be sure and check out the Lightfield Less Lethal website to learn more about their products.

Contest ends Tuesday, 12/13/11. Winners announced on or before Friday, 12/16/11.




*in states where shipping ammo is legal