As posted by the Daily Mail, a blog out of the UK, Kiefer Sutherland (aka Jack Bauer) was apparently taking grip technique tips on the set of the revived TV series “24” from this guy:

Exhibit A: how *not* to hold your gun.

Exhibit A: how *not* to practice holding your gun.

Sophia Bush knows what's up. Don't miss her in the new police drama on NBC, Chicago PD. It's intense.

Sophia Bush knows what’s up. Don’t miss her in the new police drama on NBC, Chicago PD. It’s intense.

Huh?? In an era when Hollywood is FINALLY waking up to proper gun handling and grip technique as evidenced in NBC’s new Police drama starring one of our favorite Instagram stars, Sophia Bush,

among other shows, this poor display of pretend gun handling is just… sad. Jack Bauer using the cup and saucer method? Say it ain’t so, Kiefer. We’ve made some serious headway since so many of our Iraq/Afghanistan vets have come back and consulted on military and law enforcement shows. Notwithstanding the occasional scene in which 35 rounds somehow magically come out of a 15 round mag, Hollywood has become much more realistic in their portrayal of gun battles. (Here’s where we can’t help but offer a knowing nod to Peter Berg and his masterpiece, Lone Survivor.)

That said, we still clearly have work to do. A couple of years ago, my now-hubs and then-boyfriend worked on Resident Evil 5 up in Toronto. I had the privilege of going on set with a group of press folks and interviewing the actors, producers and director. Michelle Rodriguez, who I heart big time, was fantastic and it was great to see her wield the guns as well as she did in the movie. I also had the chance to speak to Milla Jovovich, whom I also heart. We each got to ask her one question and mine was simply, “how and when did you learn to shoot.”

Finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, ladies. Sheesh - you're just begging for an accidental discharge here.

Finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, ladies. Sheesh. You’re just begging for an accidental discharge here. PS- love the boots.

Milla chuckled, looked at the other reporters and bloggers and said, “what do you mean, ‘how did I learn to shoot?’ You just shoot.”


Nope. That is not the way it works, sister.

Now, bear in mind that she was absolutely lovely and engaging and warm and friendly, but for a person who is on screen with lots of guns on an incredibly frequent basis, I’d like to see her take the time (a la MRod) to learn how to shoot properly because whether she likes it or not, countless women and girls out there are learning how to shoot from watching her.

This is the full photo of Kiefer’s misguided practice:

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.23.59 AM

Gun handling criticism aside, we can not wait for the show to come back!