Sheesh…Will this winter EVER end?? I want to go shoot outdoors!

I am a cold wimp. It’s true. Just ask any of the people I have ever shot with in the outdoors. Or indoors, for that matter. If you see me out and about, in all likelihood you can be sure I will be bundled. Scarves are a staple in my wardrobe. And I am talking year round here.  But I digress. These are a few of the lines I have seen in stores and at trade shows that have caught my attention.


Staying warm in a Canadian January with Prois cold weather gear.



Prois – This female driven line of outdoor gear. I own the gear for *cold* cold weather and the stuff for chilly spring and fall days. The story behind this company and its founder is one of my faves in the world of outdoors women.  I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Kirstie Pike and her team for a)the cut and shape of the pieces, b)the high collars and c)thumb holes.






Under Armour- I have yet to own any Under Armour cold weather shooting or hunting gear, but what I saw at SHOT show this year was pretty impressive. I look forward to giving it a go sometime soon. Let me know if you have tried any of their gear and what you think about it.




Other great labels to check out:

Sitka– My Canadian friends love this stuff.

Arc’teryx– Pricey, but if you have the cash for it, this is the line that my special ops friends use. And they are cold weather gear snobs. It has to keep you warm and it can’t weigh you down. Arc’teryx handles it.




My favorite and unexpected tip that has kept me warm this winter?

Yoga pants. Yep. Put them on under anything from your ski pants to jeans. It’s made all the difference. You can thank me later. 🙂


Send me any comments and ideas you have for staying warm in the great outdoors. Until then, stay warm and keep that powder dry!