Steph tipped me off to the fact that there will be quite a few surprises on the next few episodes. I thought we would touch base with her and get the inside scoop. Here is the skinny:

NF: OK, there is a lot going on over at Red Jacket. Fill me in, sister!

SH: Yes, there is a lot happening. We are pretty excited. The first thing I want to let people know about is the contest we are doing. If you want to participate, you write in to Discovery with your idea for a gun build. We will look through all of them and decide on the winner. That person will have their gun idea built by the guys at Red Jacket for an episode.

Red Jacket is also going to be doing a contest of our own to give away a pair of tickets to the annual Birthday Bash, which is Will Hayden’s Birthday party. The winner gets meal tickets, ammo, and things like that. They are gonna get the works: hang out with the cast a bit and shoot all the guns- all that good fun stuff.

NF: Cool! When is that?

SH: Birthday Bash is the first weekend of June every year. It is very hot, but it’s worth it!

NF: That is super cool! The Birthday Bash is legendary. I have seen so many pictures of you guys having a ton of fun. People who go always talk about how much fun it is. How can people enter the contests?

SH: Keep your ear to the ground on that one. We are not announcing the details yet, but we want to make sure everyone knows that it is coming up very soon.

NF: Great – So let’s talk about the show. What on earth is going on? There are some rumors swirling and I need you to nail some of this stuff down for me.

SH: Right, so as far as the episodes go, they named the final episode ‘Wedlock and Load,’ which has had everyone kind of jumping on it and thinking that they know what is coming. It definitely gives the impression that something is kind of going on with me and Kris, but I mean… really?? Let’s put it this way, don’t you think that is a little fast? Marriage is not something you just jump into without thinking – you have to be absolutely certain. And that takes some time. So you have to wait to see what happens. You will really just have to hang on and keep your eyes open. You’ll find out soon enough!

NF: Wow! Sounds like there is a twist in there. What else can you tell us about it?

SH: There are some serious twists and turns through the next two episodes. You are going to be on the craziest roller coaster ride ever. And the moment that you think you have got it figured out or the moment that you think you know what happens, you are going to be totally blown away. Even in the beginning of next season – when this season ends and you think, “Ha! I knew this was going to happen.“ The beginning of next season is going to blow you away again. It totally knocks everything that you thought was final completely off the rails.  It has been an interesting couple of months for us, really. You know, there is a lot that people think that they know about us because of spoiler alerts on the internet and all of that.  Some of it is real and some of it is definitely not. There is a lot floating around and let’s just say that nobody has got a real clue of what is going on. They all think they know, but they really don’t.

There will be a lot of tense moments, but also some really happy, interesting moments, too. The guns that we have worked with in the last couple of episodes- the ones that they will be showing – were just incredible.  The next episode actually shows you the weapon that I told you about when I said I finally shot something that scared me.  I cant tell you what it is yet and I am just dying to share, which is one reason I will be with you, Nat, live on the Girl’s Guide to Guns facebook page answering questions so that we can talk about anything that anyone wants to know.  I will be online to clear up any misconceptions or the way things came across to people. I just want to really reach out and kind of go over some of that stuff.  Of course, I cant give away the next episode – I can’t give away spoilers, but I will do my best to answer all the questions.

NF: Cool- I am super excited about that. So…is it just me, or was this a really short, fast season?

SH: Good question- this season break is only going to be a month. We are breaking, but we are not breaking for long.  It is a paperwork thing. They didn’t really want to break us but they kind of have to.  We will right back on the air in February.

NF: Oh, good. We need our Sons of Guns fix!

Steph showing me the full auto suppressed 9mm

SH: You won’t be waiting too long. Also, we get a lot of remarks of people saying that they don’t want to see the show turn in to OCC or to become super drama- filled. But I definitely want people to keep in mind when they are watching these next couple of episodes that there is a lot of tension and there is a bit of drama, but it is not here to stay. We are all a family and family does go through really big things together. Sometimes it just happens – there is drama there. People get upset. People say things that they might not really mean. People react in ways that are completely out of their character when these things happen. Just stick with us and know that we are a family and we are going to do whatever it takes to push through at all times. No matter what happens. If something happens that upsets you, just understand that everything happens for a reason.

NF: Wow – I am officially intrigued! I will definitely have some questions lined up for you when you do the online interview this week.  Now, I understand you guys are going to go on tour, too. What is the story there?

SH: Yep, we will be doing meet and greets at different Academy stores around the country. We have plans to do a full US tour and we are very excited to get out there and meet some people!

Sounds like some pretty exciting stuff all the way around!  If you have questions of your own for Steph, you can ask her live on the Girl’s Guide to Guns facebook page on January 12 at 1pm Central time.  You can also leave questions for her in the comments section below.