While I grew up in a household with guns, I am not, nor was I ever, a hunter. Don’t get me wrong. I like meat. A lot.

However, I like many other women, am a nurturer. I’m a rescuer of all things less fortunate than myself. I don’t kill unless I have no choice.
Unfortunately, my soft heart also got me into trouble as a younger woman because I felt the need to “rescue” certain men as well. With the infinite wisdom that age brings, I can now tell you that those types of men not only do not need to be rescued, but it is likely that if you try, YOU are the one who will need rescuing.
My experience with one of those men in particular led me to purchase my first self-defense handgun. At some point, a profound need for survival awakened in me and I realized that if I was going to get through life, I was going to have to get a lot tougher.
Not wanting to make things worse, I took my first class in Personal Protection with a firearm. It was a turning point in my life.
My journey into the world of guns led me to become a champion for the Second Amendment. I became the Oregon State Coordinator for the Second Amendment Sisters, adeptly fighting for our right to keep and bear arms every day of my life. The job was exhausting, but educational and rewarding.
The really pivotal change in direction came when, somewhere along the line, I was invited to participate as an assistant instructor to teach a group of women how to shoot. It was called “W.E.D. Day”, which stood for Women Empowered for Defense. We took 50 women through the classroom and out to the range. To this day, I cannot think of anything that has been more amazing than watching the faces of those gals as they pulled their first triggers! They were empowered. I was empowered. I was hooked! I immediately started my official training to be an instructor and have been teaching ever since.
Traditionally, we women are taught to be submissive. We are not fighters. We are not killers. However, we live in a world where we MUST be able to protect ourselves. A firearm, with proper training of it’s handler, equalizes us. It gives us the ability to protect those we love as well as our own life. I must stress the “proper training” part though. Having a gun is of absolutely no value unless you know how….and are willing to use it. While it’s perfectly okay to be soft-hearted, to be a rescuer of creatures less fortunate, you must KNOW with all certainty that you are tough enough to shoot without hesitation when necessary. Begin with training. End with training.
Lisanne Dickenson
I was born & raised in the beautiful, green Willamette Valley in Oregon.
First and foremost, I’m a wife & the mother of 3 lovely daughters and a newly adopted 8 year old son.
My passions lie in my work as a firearms instructor and in my animals. I’m an avid cowgirl and can
spend hours on my horse, more at home there than on my own two feet! I was raised with guns, but didn’t really
start shooting until I was in my adult years. Now, I can honestly say that I’m hooked. I love to shoot!
I love shooting for fun, for competitions, and for training. I like new guns…and I like old guns. Guns are just
plain fun! I am fortunate that in Oregon, we have fairly good Concealed Carry laws. Unless you’re a felon or
have a serious recent criminal record, you can legally carry your firearm for protection. Training women to
empower & protect themselves is an achievement that I am very proud of!