Me and my brand new AR! (photos courtesy of Joe Meaux and Steve Jobs.)

The building process.

This is the amazing barrel I got from Legion Firearms. You *must* have one of these. The honeycomb/hex cut lightens the barrel significantly. Also keeps it cooler than your average barrel. It is genius.

Joe found a great stock that just happens to have enough room for a tube of lipstick. They say it is for a battery. I say beauty products. Agree to disagree.

Welding practice! Anything on this scrap metal that looks pretty was done by Flem. The rest was my doing. It was a first attempt. Don't judge

Side view. Not quite the finished product yet, but isn't it pretty?

As you may have seen on the show, I recently had a opportunity to build my first AR-15 with the guys at Red Jacket Firearms.  The whole crew was super welcoming, as usual, but this time around I got some technical help and a new gun out of it.

I have to send an enormous thank you out to Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog who did a LOT of pre-build tutoring to help me prep for assembling my first AR. Also, the wonderful team at Legion Firearms who filled my last minute rushed order to get the super cool hex barrel  to me in time for my trip to Louisiana.

There was a lot of behind the scenes fun that you didn’t get to see because of time constraints, but these photos will fill in the gaps.

Joe was a huge help to me in getting everything put together. We had a few squabbles about details including the length of the handguard, sight options, the stock and a front grip. Joe wasn’t always happy with my choices and his judgement won out on more than one piece of the firearm.

Next step: putting a little Duracoat finish on it. Not sure what color yet but I am definitely thinking glitter. This gun is gonna sparkle! I will keep you posted. For now, check out this little collection of photos.

Front view.