This is one of the coolest photo essays I have ever seen. These chicks are inspiring; classy, armed and capable of laying the hurt on anyone who comes between them and their boss, who just happens to be the Secretary of State.  Below is the caption introducing these photos. Check it out and then hit up the website. For the full experience, you might want to pull up a Mission: Impossible soundtrack on iTunes to accompany the images.

  Just sayin.


To be a woman on the secretary of state’s security detail, you have to be fast, smart, and tough–and willing to take a bullet, even if you’re in heels.

The number of women on the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Protective Detail team is increasing – there are currently 13 with about a fifth of the force guarding Clinton. This is in part because three of the past four secretaries of state have been women. Their regimen is exhaustive, physically and mentally, with quarterly fitness and weapons-proficiency tests. They rehearse until the choreography of a crisis is etched into their reflexes. They learn how to fire four kinds of guns upside down, do 45 push-ups in two minutes, and jog for blocks alongside rolling motorcades. They are single, funny young women who wake up at 4:30 A.M. to meditate and 20 hours later fall asleep to the Food Network. They splurge on facials. They pack 100-calorie bags of apricots. And they can take down an assailant with one precise strike. They are Hillary’s Angels.



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