If you haven’t already, digitally run, don’t walk, on over to Packing In Pink.

We absolutely LOVE this site both for the high quality products and for their dedication to the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer. Among our favorite products are the protective eye glasses, the earmuff-style ear protection and the super cool trigger lock.

For more of these fantastic high-quality products, check out this link: http://www.packinginpink.com/products.html

Stun Gun Cell Phone


Oh yes they did, folks.

This little thing packs a whopping 1 million (to be said in your best Dr. Evil voice) volts in to your would-be attacker. And the best part is you’ll look fabulous taking him out.

We can’t vouch for the practical application of this little gadget, but we give the manufacturer points the concealed and attempted chick-ification of a self-defense tool.

To purchase or learn more, click the link above.