SHOT Show is the firearms industry’s version of Fashion Week.  But rather than going to NY, Milan, Paris and LA for the various designers, the gun companies simplify and everyone heads to Vegas in January.  One shot, one kill, as they say.

As we recover from all the fun of this year’s events we thought we’d share some highlights and insights with you.  We have lots of video to upload over the following weeks, including interviews about female-centric product lines with Browning, Beretta, SHE and several others.   There were more products and information in that convention center than we could possibly ever see over a short 4-day conference, but we brought plenty back to share with you.

The firearms manufacturers are beginning to understand that female shooters are a force to be reckoned with. We saw new lines of products for women from manufacturers including Walther, Taurus, and Tru-Spec among others. We’ve gotta hand it to these manufacturers – they are making a serious effort to cater to the ladies, which is a very good sign that the new female shooter movement has momentum.  We found clothing cut specifically for women that will be offered in non-pink colors (though pink did reign supreme at the show), and many of the firearms have smaller grips and/or softer recoil for our hands and shoulders.  There were plenty of solid concealed carry options for women presented at the show, too. We at GG2G are loving this new trend.  Keep it up, gentlemen!

We were privileged to be the subject of an interview for the NRA News and a post on the NRA Blog.  We also caught up with Karen and Jessica of the Women’s Tactical Association.  We’re huge fans of this organization.  They are doing some super cool training to keep police and armed citizens safe and we are thrilled to be involved with them.  We’ll have an article on them up soon.  We also had a chance to spend some time with our good friends at  These folks are set to corner the market of online firearms information, social networking, and marketing.  Head on over there to sign up and see what we mean.  While checking out some high tech gear at the LaRue Tactical booth (recommended by our good friend Brad Thor), we got a chance to chat up the Governor of our favorite State, Mr. Rick Perry of Texas.

And what SHOT Show would be complete without spending some time with our old friends like the lovely Julie Goloski-Golob and the fabulous Kim Rhode? We met countless other fantastic folks who we are very excited to work with in the near future including, The Mako Group, Freedom Arms and Fabrique National Herstal among many more. And a special shout out goes to two male members of Team HK who are super supportive of us – you can catch them sporting our gear while they’re competing on the range this season.

In other news – if you are a single female like me and happen to be able to get to the SHOT Show, you’ll be on prime real estate.  This is a place where you can catch plenty of eye candy along with the latest in gun technology.  The male/female ratio definitely falls in our favor.  What can I say?  I like a man in uniform, even if he’s wearing civilian clothes!

We’ve got much more to tell you over the next few weeks about the newest and latest products at SHOT, so be sure and check back often!