Like many tomboy wannabes, I grew up walking that fine line between the desire to be really tough and respected by the boys and feeding my innate girlie-ness. Part of that toughness I so desperately sought to display would include acquiring, on purpose, a scorching West Texas sunburn. I wore peeling skin like a badge of honor. Tragic and gross, I know. I cringe when I think back on how poorly I treated my skin as a tween/teenager, which are the ages at which so much permanent sun damage occurs.

Hey, our primary concern here is safety, right? That safety means taking good, holistic care of yourself, which includes cancer prevention. Whether you are defending yourself from a bad guy or getting regular mammograms, the same objectives apply. We need you around, sister! And too many of us are seeing the signs of sun damage, including melanoma, at a very young age. Check out these videos from Birchbox to refresh yourself on the good habits you should maintain every day and especially while you are on the range:

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