Since it just happens to be International Women’s Day, we thought we’d offer you our list of ladies (and two guys) who have contributed to the cause of promoting girls who love guns. We’re well aware that this list is entirely too short, so if you’ve got suggestions of people who should be included, let us know in the comments section below.

  • Joan of Arc – for pioneering the idea that ladies could be leaders long before it was ever a cultural consideration. Just imagine what she could have done with a gun!

  • Dale Evans– classic and classy, Dale was the cowgirl our moms wanted to be when they were little girls. She symbolized a strong, yet soft and feminine chick who knew how to handle a six shooter. Plus she married Roy Rogers and that’s just awesome.

  • Angelina Jolie– Simply said, she makes chicks shooting guns look fabulous. The roles she chooses are often smart, gun-toting women and that message in pop culture is fabulous for those of us who love it as much as she does.

  • Brad Thor -Here’s to a guy who knows how to write strong, classy, gun slinging women! And this is your cue, if you haven’t already, to go pick up your copy of his latest novel The Athena Project!

  • Kim Rhode – This 4-time Olympian and 6-time National Champion skeet and trap shooter is nothing less than inspiring. We’re rooting for her as she blasts through her next Olympic qualification on her way to the 2012 games.

  • Julie Goloski-Golob – This chick has a laundry list of amazing contributions she’s made to women in the shooting sports. Her resume boasts her role as Smith&Wesson’s team captain, World and National Champion Shooter, Army Female Athlete of the Year, and much more.  We here at Girl’s Guide are proud to call her a friend.

  • Karl Lagerfeld for making these:

  • And finally, the woman who started it all, the lovely Annie Oakley – for obvious reasons.

We’d also like to mention our friends Vicki Kawelmacher of Women’s Shooting Academy, Karen Bartuch of Women’s Tactical Association, Jessica Brooks of Barnes Bullets, Barb Baird of Women’s Outdoor Media Asssociation,  Aysha Webb at American Defense Enterprises, Niki
Jones who founded Sure Shots, Karen Ziegler co-owner of Red’s Shooting Range, Juliana Crowder of, Tracey Splechter of the Outdoor Connection, Regis Giles of, our guest bloggers (you know who you are), and so many others who are leading the charge for women firearms owners everywhere.

From Girl’s Guide to you- Happy International Women’s Day!

Love, Natalie and Katie