How can I describe SHOT Show to someone who has never been here? Three words: Awesome. Overwhelming. Awesome.

Today was incredibly exciting and there’s too much to write about in one sitting, but we’ll hit the highlights for you:

After a great lunch with our friends at, we saw the lovely and amazing Olympic Champ Kim Rhode at the Otis Booth, which was monstrous. Always a treat running in to Ms. Rhode.

Natalie poses with Olympian Kim Rhode.

We also caught a glimpse of our fave, Julie Goloski-Golob, checking out the Prois Extreme Huntress event. Looking forward to catching up with her over the next few days.

We were super impressed by a test line Walther is rolling out soon specifically for the ladies.  Shooters will be able to color-customize their Walther P22 firearms with grips and sights of their choosing.  We love this idea!  Very proud of Walther for making strides toward catering to the female shooters out there (and the occasional male who’s tired of just black, silver and camo!).

Walther P22 with Customizable Color

On a similar note, we had a great chat with the folks at Allen, a company that specializes in hunting & fishing accessories, about new product lines for women who carry concealed weapons.  We told them the ladies are more interested in fun patterns and colors that express their personalities rather than boring black or predictable pink.  Zebra stripes, anyone?  While we were opining, we had the good fortune of meeting some super cool and fashionable ladies who just happen to own Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range in Georgia. Our favorite feature of the gun club’s lobby?  Their scintillating chandeliers, of course! That’s officially the best shooting range decor we’ve ever come across.  Can’t wait to hop on a plane and visit them very soon!

The ladies are always in the minority at SHOT show, but there’s no question that we are well represented this year.

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