In association with our good friends at, we will highlight one glorious gun per week so you can become better acquainted with the most common and famous firearms on the market.  As Katie said to me today, let’s start this segment with a bang! In order to do just that,  this week we bring you Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle.

This weapon is a serious hand cannon and you’ll want to take some extra precaution when you shoot it. The first time I handled a Desert Eagle, my initial observation was how much heavier it is than other guns of its class. I was pretty nervous about firing this weapon and when the guy behind the counter laughed after I requested to rent the gun, my anxiety wasn’t exactly quelled. He handed me the gun and then told me that the ammunition price was $2.50 per bullet. Yes, seriously.

Let me put it in to perspective. Here you see an image of a .22 (bottom), a 9mm (middle), and a .50 caliber Desert Eagle (top). This thing kicks harder than a Chuck Norris roundhouse and I know more than one sturdy guy who says it is a difficult gun to hold on to after squeezing the trigger. It is also super duper accurate and has been featured in over 500 Hollywood movies including Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

You can find more information on the Desert Eagle or at Click on the links or cut and paste them in to your browser.

For your bonus viewing information and pleasure, I’ve included a video of Demi Moore in from Full Throttle with her famous gold Desert Eagle. In Spanish.YouTube Preview Image