In case you haven’t noticed, Girl’s Guide is all about arming women with information on guns in order to empower you and perhaps even entertain you while we’re at it.  Well, we’re (obviously) not the only ones out there.   This morning on Fox & Friends, we saw Paxton Quigley interviewed about her new book Armed and Female: Taking Control.

Armed and Female by Paxton Quigley

It’s a re-vamp of a book she wrote in ’93, simply titled Armed and Female.  Just like GG, she’s all about empowering women in the area of self-defense.  Here’s some of what she has to say on the becoming and “armed female” from her website:

If you’re a woman, I want to encourage and inspire you to step out of character, abandon age-old bonds of male dependence, and break free from the powerlessness, fear and depression that has plagued our gender for so long.

If you’re a woman reading this, chances are the men in your life have already tried to make you more pro-active in personal safety — because they love you and care about you. They may feel an old-fashioned responsibility to protect you wherever you go — but of course, that’s no longer appropriate nor practical.

Pretty great, eh?  Ladies, if you’ve ever been interested in purchasing a firearm for protection, her book might be a good place to start; men, if you have a woman if your life who you’ve been trying to get interested in firearms, you might want to check it out, too!

One of the best things about her interview this morning was that she, like us, emphasized that safety and information come first with self-defense and guns.  Check out her interview on Fox News from this morning by clicking here or copying & pasting this link into your browser:

You can also see her give some self-defense tips on the “Fox & Friends: After the Show Show” by clicking here or copying & pasting this link into your browser: