While the indoor range is a bit more of a controlled environment than an outdoor range in theory, we have fallen victim to more than one ejected hot shell. And not just our own. You’ll occasionally find yourself stationed next to a less-than-responsible neighbor who disregards the trajectory of his brass. And that trajectory can ultimately end up raining down right on you. Not cool, neighbor. Not cool.

Aside from eye and ear protection, the next most significant hazard (assuming you’re following all of your safety rules, of course) are the shells. They can pester you in a couple of ways including knocking you off balance by stepping on them as well as searing you just a touch as they come flying out of your slide.

Eye and ear protection will safeguard your vital sensory organs from the flying shells, but you should plan ahead to keep your bare skin protected as well. This means long sleeves, jeans or leggings, and close toed shoes. While you might be thinking that most of these articles of clothing are pretty standard issue, there is one other factor we should warn you about. Those burning hot little shells can get lodged in some pretty unusual and extremely uncomfortable places. Namely, your cleavage.

Ms. Tactical herself, Aysha Webb, told me about a regrettable experience early in her shooting career in which she was firing her 9mm Glock and a shell stuffed itself right down her shirt. Yowch! She has since resolved to wear high-necked shirts when she shoots. If, like me, you are one of those girls who doesn’t own a high-necked or collared shirt, simply throw on a scarf, sweater or jacket. Anything to protect what you’re mama gave ya, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin’. Your significant other will appreciate the effort.

Beyond caring for your bazooms, you’ll also want to protect that doll face of yours. Sunscreen won’t do the job on this one. Only a hat will cover it. Aysha and the folks at American Defense Enterprises never shoot pistols without their lids. Neither do the ladies on the pro handgun circuit like Julie Goloski and Jessie Abbate. The logic is based on the same principle as looking out for your knockers – hot brass hurts. And you want to avoid touching it. Especially with your face.

Comfortable, solid shooting shoes are vital. Just like a dancer, if a shooter doesn’t have the right shoes, the results can be disastrous. Since most male shooters aren’t worried about impressing anyone by wearing high heels, this issue, not unlike the cleavage factor, is exclusive to the ladies. I suppose a guy could make the mistake of wearing flip flops while he shoots, but I can promise you he’ll only do it once.

You might be thinking that these fashion parameters are some pretty stringent requirements for the range, but trust me, you’re better safe than sorry on this one. You also might be thinking that this dress code severely limits your options for looking cute on that first date at the range with the cutie from the gun store. Not to worry, I’ve got ideas for you.

As you know, we at Girl’s Guide are big on boots.  Slip in to some some skinny jeans or leggings and wear your boots over them for a classy, updated, equestrian look.

Not unlike a soothing Sinatra standard, the jeans over boots look never goes out of style:

Here are a couple of ideas for long sleeves and scarves:

Skirts are also a cute option as long as you cover those stems with some thick tights or leggings. Par example:

These are just a few ideas you can mix and match for an appropriate yet stylized wardrobe at the range. Let’s face it, your typical eye and ear protection are pretty, well… in a word, humbling. But your outfit doesn’t have to be.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to go with darker colors  and fabrics that wash well since that gun powder has an uncanny ability to end up all over everything.

Now grab your gun and go glam up that range!

Got stories or ideas about infusing a little fashion into your time on the firing line?  Let us know at natalie{at}girlsguidetoguns{dot}com or leave us a comment below!