tactical pronunciation



  1. of or pertaining to tactics, esp. military or naval tactics.
  2. characterized by skillful tactics or adroit maneuvering or procedure: tactical movements.

Meet Girls Guide’s new favorite tactical firearm instructor, Aysha Webb. She’s smart, lovely and multi-talented. Aysha spends her days at the LAX gun range teaching tactics for American Defense Enterprises but by night she is a critically acclaimed smooth jazz singer. Be sure and check in for more videos from Aysha and Girls Guide to Guns. Coming soon, Aysha talks everything from fashion, danger/extreme situations, and even boobs! Hey, a girl’s gotta know how to handle herself, right?

Interested in learning tactics from the professionals? Check out American Defense Enterprises web site. Here’s a description of who they are and what they do:

A.D.E. consists of experienced Special Ops and law enforcement instructors offering world-class training in the entire spectrum of small arms weaponry (handguns, rifles, shotguns). Whether you are an honest citizen concerned with personal safety or an operator whose life depends on proficiency with his weapon, A.D.E. instructors can train you to the highest level you wish to achieve.

A.D.E. offers courses designed to teach and develop the fundamental skills necessary should a lethal confrontation arise. Those who take these courses will be trained to a substantially higher level of skill than the average police or military unit. Whether you are an average citizen interested in self-defense or an experienced operator with years of overseas experience, your skills will significantly improve or A.D.E. will refund your money.

Who are ADE students?

  • Men and women needing basic defensive handgun skills.
  • Average citizens with solid defensive handgun skills who desire to improve their weapon skills dramatically in the shortest period of time.
  • Anyone wanting to learn and/or enhance their rifle and shotgun skills in a combat environment.
  • Military personnel needing to bolster the rudimentary training that they receive prior to their deployment.
  • Law enforcement candidates and officers, after their departmental training has failed them, who need our specialized help to pass their qualifications course.
  • Military personnel and law enforcement officers seeking to attain the highest levels of combat skills, enhance their own survivability, and gain an advantage for future promotions.