Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.00.05 PMFormer SEAL and NRA News Commentator Dom Raso is many things to many people. To his fellow SEALS he was and is a brother. To the government he was a highly trained weapon.  And to me, well… I am one of the lucky ones who has the good fortune to call him a colleague and friend.

I asked if Dom would do an interview with me for Girl’s Guide and I think after reading his responses below you will understand just why we all hold this gent in such high esteem.

Natalie Foster: What was the most gratifying thing about serving our nation as a SEAL?

Dom Raso: Having the privilege of working with some of the most courageous and self-sacrificing men and women in this country, all with the common goal of making this world a better place. Our job has been to quarantine, contain, and remove evil so that another 9/11 doesn’t happen. Eternal vigilance is the key to peace.

Now that I’ve transitioned from active duty to civilian life, my hope for the future is to find a role where I can support the efforts of the many men and women who risk it all so we can wake up safe every morning. My new mission is to help give future generations the same
freedoms we’ve been given.

NF: Why did you decide to come on board when the NRA asked you to be a commentator?

DR: I actually approached the NRA knowing what was going on and asked how I could help. I see what’s happening in this country, and I can’t sit on the sidelines watching when I have the ability to actually do something about it. It’s in my nature to get in the fight, and that’s what I’m doing.

So instead of getting out of the military and relaxing, I jumped right into a different kind of fight for our rights and freedoms. I set up a couple of meetings and phone calls, and through those I heard about the possible commentator position. The minute I heard about it, I knew I had a new mission. This is my opportunity to help educate fellow Americans.

I’ve been getting amazingly positive responses from people throughout the country. People are telling me to keep telling the truth, keep bringing the facts to the table, and keep calling out the people who are lying through their teeth and don’t know the consequences of what they’re saying. You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

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Dom Raso filming one of his commentary videos for NRA News.

I’ve been given a great opportunity to help educate this country on reality. One of those realities is the struggle over gun control laws. I will continue working to educate the younger people in this country on fighting for their freedoms. I love the feeling of being a part of a team, helping bring people together to help each other out for different causes. I want people to understand it’s a country effort, a team effort. This isn’t about me – it’s about America.

NF: Who in your life (public or private individuals) have influenced you in your journey?

DR: My parents gave me my warrior mentality, and my dad taught me to respect guns, the military, and our country. Other than family, the guys I’ve worked with throughout my career are undoubtedly some of the greatest men in the world to gain knowledge and experience from. Some of the leaders I’ve worked under in my career have gone above and beyond doing amazing things. They’ve earned my deepest respect.

NF: Other than working with the NRA, what keeps you busy? What else will we be seeing from you in the months to come?

DR: I have a passion for designing and developing new gear to help tier one guys be lighter, faster, and more capable. I want to continue to improve equipment and partner with good companies to make great products. I spent the majority of my career studying hand-to-hand combat and security, and now I’m in the process of building a company to use the skills and experiences I have to write a curriculum for families to increase their awareness, and ultimately, to make them safer.

Now, more than ever, families should get this type of training. It’s not just about how you clear your house – it’s everything from the ground level up. Your kids, wife, and other family members should all know how to contribute to family safety. It’s about developing everyone’s ability to be an asset, and not a liability, when something bad happens.

I’m becoming more and more creative over time, developing ways to put my experience and knowledge – which took me over a decade to learn – into an educational seminar for young people in our country. I want to continuously evolve my product, to do firearms training, hand-to-hand training, research design & development and test & evaluation type projects.

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