The perfect Pacific Northwest location, Clatskanie, OR, nestled between Seattle and Portland served as our staging ground for our first Packing Pretty/Girl’s Guide to Guns NRA Basic Pistol event.










No trip to the Pacific Northwest would be complete without a coffee run. I confess, there were several, but this was one of my faves: The Albina Press in Portland is a coffee snob’s paradise.









Another Portland must-see for me was the celebrated and epically huge Powell’s City of Books. In addition to an incalculable number of books, I found (drum roll, please) bacon bandages there.  @CamEdwards of Cam and Company on NRA radio and I have had extensive conversations about Tactical Bacon so I simply had to tweet it to him.











Time to get down to business and start the class hosted by the Clatskanie Gun Club. Gotta love a range with the Second Amendment painted on the wall!











Gracie and I tag teamed the lesson, with Gracie teaching the bulk of the material. That girl is a fantastic instructor.











Enough of the class room, let’s do some shooting!











The ladies’ firearm experience ranged from first timer to fairly proficient. My favorite thing to watch is a female shooter make that leap from feeling insecure with her firearm to feeling confident and competent. We saw several ladies experience just that and it was glorious!










One of the ladies brought her pink Kimber. I always love to see pink on the firing line! It just makes everything a little more fun.























After we finished up our time in the range, we headed back to the classroom to demonstrate how to keep your firearm clean. The innovative products donated by OTIS made the gun cleaning section of the class super easy. Check out our interview with Doreen Garrett, founder of OTIS gun cleaning systems.

Gracie and I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to our sponsors (see list below) and all the ladies who participated in our NRA class and shooting event.  We hope to see *you* at the next one!