One of our fabulous readers, Ann Ortiz of Midland, TX, shared the instructions for her shotgun shell wreath creation. I have seen others but thought this one was particularly cool because she incorporated lights in the shells. It really adds a fun little punch to the whole project.  Let us know if you end up attempting this cute craft. We would love to see photos!

Such a cute finished product! Be sure and send us photos of yours, too!

  • 100 empty shotgun shells
  • 100 count string of Christmas lights
  • 15′ round wire floral wreath
  • red ribbon (approx. 2″ wide and 20′ long)
  • floral pins (the pins are shaped like staples, but the legs are about 1-1/2″ long)
  • glue gun
  • bow of choice
1 – in the open end of the each shotgun shell hot glue a Christmas light inside.  Placing the light against one side of the shell.
2 – wrap the floral wreath with the red ribbon
3 – now take the lights with the shotgun shells and attach to the floral wreath with the floral pins close to the where the lights are wired  (0<), make sure the electrical socket is easy to access.
4 – bend one floral pin and insert in the back of the wreath to use as a hanger.  Or whatever you would like to use since the wreath will be fairly heavy.
5 – place the bow of choice on the wreath, also using a floral pin.