It started on Twitter. A few of the online gun girls thought it would be fun to get together sometime, do a little hunting, a little cooking, and put a few rounds down range. Shelley from Western Shooting Journal brought me in to the conversation and before we knew it, we had a group of girls who were interested in making this little Tweet fest a reality.

I live in LA where I am a bit more used to a ‘have your people call my people and well do lunch sometime’ mentality, so I was a little surprised when plans actually started to materialize. But now here we are at a private ranch in Missouri shooting a buffet of Berettas and Smith&Wessons and just generally enjoying one anothers company.

Vital stats so far:

1 lost iPhone

1 dunked iPhone

3 bug bites (one on my rear end.)

1 small prank that I can’t tell you about yet (heehee)

More to follow….


Here is a little photo preview of our time so far:

Gracie McKee and Anette Wachter on the shuttle to pick up the car.

Shelley guarding the guns. The guys at the airport asked her if she had a keyboard. Um.... no.

4 Girls, 5 Guys (Burgers and Fries). A quick stop for some grub in STL and off we go!!




AMMO!!! A girl can never get enough.

A quick stop in to Wal Mart for some essentials.

My roomie, Lacey (she's adorbs) and me.

Almost time to shoot! Shelley is getting excited.

SHOOT!!! (yes, the reference to the book by Julie Golob is fully intended)