Tonight at 9/8 central, the Flashbang Bra Holster makes its TV debut. And not on just any old show. NCIS:LA, one of the highest

The cast of NCIS:LA

rated and most popular shows in the *world*, will feature the creation of the lovely Mrs. Lisa Looper. I caught up with Lisa today to hear the story of the way it all went down.

“A few months ago we got a call from the props department of the show. They said that the creator of the show had seen the Flashbang and wanted to use it in an episode. From what I understand, he saw it online and said, That holster is perfect for TV!”

In tonight’s episode, Kensi, one of the lead actresses on the show played by Daniela Ruah, is serving on a neighborhood watch and uses the holster to draw her Sig P238 during a confrontation.

I got a hold of one of the prop masters on the show and he told me that everyone on set loves the Flashbang.

“It is a great product and the people behind it were wonderful to deal with,” he raved. “It worked really well for us and it became the hero of the scene.” (“Hero” in movie speak refers to the object of focus. In English this means the holster got some good screen time.)

So how did Lisa feel when she got the call from CBS?

The Flashbang

“I was totally blown away. I don’t think I really believed it until they called back asking for more holsters so they could film the second episode,” she says.

The second episode Lisa refers to is coming up next week in the season finale. During that episode you can catch the Flashbang as two of the main characters walk in to a store where clerks are restocking the holsters. It seems TV land can’t seem to keep these things in stock. Isn’t it funny how art imitates reality?

Keep up the great work, Lisa! Congrats on your accomplishment.

If you miss tonight’s episode, you can always catch it online here.