April 13-15 was a crazy and wonderful weekend at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Just over 73,000 of our closest friends gathered to celebrate the 2nd Amendment and enjoy the company of other shooters. Highlights of the weekend for me included seeing treasured friends and leaders like Julie Golob, Randi Rogers, Jessie Duff, Barbara Baird of Womens Outdoor News and many others. The Women’s Leadership Forum held a fantastic and spirited auction/luncheon where they introduced the long awaited and incredibly well done update to the NRA Women’s website (more on that later this week). I can’t tell you how excited I am to see all the advancements ladies are making in the world of shooting. It was plain to see that at the NRA show we women know our proper place: behind the barrel of our favorite firearm.

Here is my photo album from the weekend:

Me, Karen & Kim of Women’s Tactical Association. These chicks never cease to inspire me!

 NRA has a Wine Club. Who knew?

Got my Marilyn – the newest holster from the creator of the Flashbang.

Caught up with the lovely Jessie Harrison-Duff at the Hornady Booth.

Checked out the Ruger SR-22. Dying to get one of these little guys.

Family simulator shooting. I loved seeing the little girls watching their mom. This was one of my favorite things to see at the show.

Got a little quality time with Kim Page at her Packing in Pink booth. Her new items are fantastic. I highly recommend picking up a few things from her.

Watched The Nuge and his family sign autographs for charity. Did you know he gives away all of the cash from signings to help kiddos and soldiers families?

Shemane Nugent is adorable! Beautiful lady inside and out.

Picked up a new hat at the Beretta booth. The always have such great merch.

Watched the lovely Lisa Looper (Mrs. Flashbang herself) take the NRA show by storm.

The Grand Finale and a night that I will never forget: meeting some of the wives of the men in SEAL Team 6. These ladies are heroes in their own right. It was an honor to spend time with them.