Check out this piece from the British website The Sun about the awesome chick who was recruited to help Rihanna look legit in her role as a sailor in Peter Berg’s ’Battleship’.

I’m the ‘bad ass chick’ who taught Rihanna to shoot in Battleship

Ex-Navy officer is inspiration behind singer’s debut movie role

Jackie Carrizosa

Arms ‘n’ charms … gun-totting Jackie Carrizosa
john chapple

THE real-life inspiration for Rihanna’s debut movie role can today be revealed – and she’s just as disarming as the fiery pop superstar herself.

Jackie Carrizosa is the former US Navy officer behind the singer’s tough sailor character Cora Raikes in the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Battleship.

The feisty 22-year-old brunette was the only girl playing in the US Navy’s football side when she was spotted by the movie’s director, Peter Berg, and drafted in to help the Umbrella singer sail through her first movie part.

Former gunner’s mate Jackie spent a month living millions of men’s ultimate fantasy — teaching Rihanna how to handle weapons, speak Navy lingo and even play footie like one of the lads.

She said: “We were on set from sunrise to sunset — Rihanna was really tough. She was way better than her stunt double.

“She’s not afraid to get bruised or cut. All the stuff her stunt double would normally do, she was doing herself. I taught her how to handle the weapons. When she had a gun in her hand she couldn’t stop smiling. She loved it.”


Rihanna and Jackie Carrizosa

‘Bad ass’ … Rihanna based her role on Jackie Carrizosa, seen here on set of movie
John Chapple

And Rihanna herself offered the ultimate praise to her trigger-happy mentor. She said: “My character’s name is Raikes. She’s a weapons officer, she’s not afraid of anything. She loves weapons, she knows them — not only her weapons, but every other weapon on the ship.

“We had this bad ass chick on set, her name is Jackie, she was also in the Navy. I was playing what she does in real life. She was all tattooed up and I just looked at her and I was like, ‘You are Raikes’.

“I watched her and really tried to get in her character. She’s fearless and she’s one of the boys and it’s really fun to explore that.”

The Sun tracked down Jackie to her first workplace since completing a four-year stint in the Navy — at a machine gun range in Las Vegas where she has continued to be surrounded by her beloved guns.


(Jackie defends the 2nd Amendment:)

But Jackie defended the controversial right to own guns in America. She also backed gun ranges such as the one where she works.

But Jackie said: “A lot of Brits get excited around the guns, especially because we have a lot of hot girls that work here.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a single person walk out of the range not smiling. It should be your right to buy a weapon — but it should come with great responsibility.

“As long as you are safe and following the rules then no one is going to get hurt. It’s when you get complacent and start ignoring the rules that things go wrong.

“It’s like anything. Spoons make people fat, pencils misspell words.”

Right on, sister!

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