We found this piece over at The Hollywood Reporter today.  I can’t lie, I am getting pretty excited about this new movie. It is slated to be out in November of this year and with all of the badassery (that’s a technical term) I am seeing from the set so far,  this Bond junkie can hardly wait!

Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris on the set of Skyfall

An excerpt from the article:

Naomie Harris, on the other hand, has been seen in two Pirates of the Caribbean movies and once again gets in on the exciting action, spending most of her video showing off the fire arms skills she’s learned during her training for the film. A longtime fan of the film series, she gushes over the opportunity — and looks like she’s going to give Craig’s Bond a run for his money. And footage of her appearance at the press conference announcing the film shows that Marlohe is not the only gorgeous Bond girl this time around.

And a video of Naomie Harris making us all look good: