Bond is back and this particular blogger could not be more excited. The franchise has a little ground to recover, though, what with that most recent Quantum of Solace debacle and all.  Still, Casino Royale was ah-mazing so we can just pretend that was the last one in the series, k? And of course, as my friend Jessica over at the Bootcamp would say, what would a Bond movie be without Bond Girls? Meet the newest set:



Bond film Skyfall (Pic: Getty)

New Bond film, Skyfall, was announced today, with Daniel Craig returning for the third time as 007.

The 23rd movie in the Bond series is due for release in late 2012 and also stars Javier Bardem as the latest villain, Dame Judi Dench as ‘M’ and Ralph Fiennes as another secret agent.

But no Bond film would be complete without a touch of sex and glamour brought by the obligatory Bond girls.

Here’s ten things you need to know about the Skyfall Bond girls, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris.

Berenice Marlohe (Pic: Getty)

Bond girl Berenice Marlohe

1. Naomie Melanie Harris is an English actress who was born and raised in London, England, the daughter of sitcom writer Lisselle Kayla, a single mother who had emigrated to England from Jamaica as a child.

2. Naomie is best known for her starring role as Amy Jackson in the British children’s sci-fi series, The Tomorrow People.

3. Thirty-five year old Naomie has also starred as Selena in zombie flick 28 Days Later and the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Naomie Harris (Pic: Getty)

Secret agent Eve, played by Naomie Harris

4. Relatively unknown model and actress Berenice was spotted when she appeared in a car advert for French 4×4 Dacia Duster.


7. Naomie has been training for two months for the role, learning how to perform stunts and fire guns. She said: “[I’ve been doing] stunt-driving and firing machine guns, which I’ve discovered I’ve got a real taste for.”

Berenice Marlohe, Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris attend the start of production for the 23rd Bond film "Skyfall" (Pic: Getty)

The Bond girls with 007 Daniel Craig
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