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Where to Hide your Gun for Home Defense

Having a gun in your home can increase your safety. On the other hand, having a gun in the home can be a liability. If you don’t know how to handle and store your gun, you could find yourself on the wrong end of the barrel.

Using a gun for home defense starts by being smart. You need to be smart enough to be trained in the use of your gun, and smart enough to keep it out of the hands of a home invader.

It’s that last part – keeping your gun out of the hands of a home invader – that we want to talk about today.

Gun storage creates a conundrum. On the one hand, you need to keep the gun safely locked up and hidden from a home invader. On the other hand, you need to be able to have access to your gun in order to defend your home.

These two goals are often in conflict. If you lock your gun inside a case in a closet, for example, you need to get to the gun case and fumble around with the lock (usually in the dark). By the time you get to your gun, you could be in peril.

If you keep your gun in a drawer by your nightstand, however, a home invader could get to it before you. Even worse, a house guest (such as a small child) could get their hands on your gun and harm themselves or others.

Compromise options

There are a number of ways you can work through this problem. Most involve a tradeoff between speed and safety. Here are a couple of the best options:

Store your gun in a convenient, out-of-sight location. A locked nightstand drawer could work; just make sure you always have a key hidden nearby and easily accessible.
Procure a gun box. This is probably the ideal solution, if you can swing it. A gun box stores your gun and ammo inside a locked box. Choose one with a keypad or biometric entry to reduce the time it takes to get in. Some gun boxes even have “breakaway” sides that will let you reach in, grip the handle, unlock the box, and remove the gun in just seconds.

Ammunition storage matters, too

It’s worth taking a minute to think about ammunition storage, as well. Conventional gun safety says that you always store ammunition separate from the gun. This, of course, leads back to the speed problem.

Gun safes and gun boxes let you store the two together, because both are locked down. If you’re keeping your gun in an unlocked location, you’ll still want to store your ammunition separately.

Ideally, you’ll never have to use your gun for home defense. You’ll take it out regularly to pop off a few rounds at the practice range, and then put it back into its secure location. However, if the time comes that you do need to use it, you need to make sure
it doesn’t fall under the control of a burglar or worse.

Madison Parker is a home security expert whose advice is sought after by friends and strangers alike – Read more of her work at the blog Home Security Systems!