I found this snazzy little piece on the Ammoland.com and am now totally inspired.   There will definitely be a followup to this article with my own version of firearm craftiness. In the mean time, read this piece and find your inspiration, too!



Rolla, MO–(Ammoland.com) –  While I love my GLOCK 19 Gen 4, and think it is the perfect pistol to fit my needs, I tend to like to be a little different at times. GLOCK produces their pistols in one color: black.

My husband has a Springfield XDM with the stainless steel slide and I have to admit that I prefer the contrast that it has compared to just one solid color. That being said, I wanted to give my GLOCK a little personality and change the color of the slide. I didn’t, however, want to pay a gunsmith to bake on a finish. I consider myself to be a bit artistic, so I decided to do it myself. I did a little research to find a product to use and in the end I decided to give the Shake ‘N Spray DuraCoat Finishing Kit a try.

Shake ‘N Spray DuraCoat Finishing KitShake ‘N Spray DuraCoat Finishing Kit

Lauer Weaponry, the manufacturer of DuraCoat Firearm Finishes, claims that the Shake ‘N Spray kit provides everything you need to finish your Firearm in a simple and user friendly way. The kit contains TruStrip and a scrubbing pad to degrease with, a jar to mix the DuraCoat ingredients, and a Preval Aerosol Sprayer to apply. Besides the instructions on the packaging, there also is a video available on the company’s website to view the application of the product.

After watching the video, I felt pretty confident that this was something I could do myself. The hardest part in my opinion: choosing which color to use. With more than a hundred different finishes available, deciding on which to use can take a little time. I knew I wanted something that would contrast with the black grip, but not stick out too much. The colors are available to view on the website, but it is difficult to get a real feel for them on there. I kept leaning toward my favorite color, which is purple, and after viewing the choices available I felt pretty confident that DuraCoat standard color 95-Goddess Purple was exactly the right choice for me. It was the darkest purple available, so I felt it would look best with the standard black of the GLOCK.


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