By Jenn Strand

Welcome to the first issue of Locks ‘n Glocks, the health and beauty section of GG2G!  Readers have been wondering how to look extra cute at the range, so here we are providing some personal care tips for you to have fun with and enjoy.

The Sassy Side-Pony is a fun, beautiful way to sweep your hair away from your face, so you can adequately focus on your target.  Back-combing is an easy way to add flare to your most basic hairstyles.  The sassy side-pony is just one way to add romance, ease, and fun to your look at the range.  And you won’t have to worry about your glasses or ear muffs interfering with your vibe.  This look (SSP) will liven up your goggles & muffs!



Step 1- Take thin, horizontal sections and back-comb the full base of your head. Create a cushion at the base, by pressing the hair down, from length to scalp. Each additional section may, but is not required to, incorporate the former section.  Goal: Make your hair full and cushiony at the scalp.

Step 2- Using a bristle brush, smooth over the top of your hair, in the direction you wish the hair to move.

Step 3- Gather the hair to the preferred side & fasten with a hair tie. Tighten the pony, by pulling on the length, causing the hair tie to tighten toward the scalp.  You may also want to fluff or rough up the crown area, to make fuller and/or more “messy.”

Step 4- If you have layers or bangs, softly slide them over to the side, tuck behind the ear, or fasten with a decorative pin or barrette.


Voila! There you have it, my sidearm sisters. Now go hit that range and be the firearm fashionista you were always meant to be! Much more to come….