We’re posting this for a special friend of GG2G, Alan LaFrance of Texas Gun Talk – an online forum with an obvious purpose.  His mom recently found out she has Stage IV cancer and he has since devoted himself full-time to helping her through this trying time in her life.

Whether or not you’ve been directly affected by cancer, we all know it’s a terrible disease especially for those closest to the person who has it.  We’ve written about female-specific firearms items that help raise money for breast cancer, but this is a more personal fund-raise request for someone who is going through it right now.  Even if you can’t make it to the event this Saturday, you can donate directly to the cause through PayPal or purchase a raffle ticket.  The information below is directly from Alan’s post on TexasGunTalk.com.

Target Cancer Benefit Shoot-out

Some of you already know, but my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer about three weeks ago.  She’s already been dealing with aggressive Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis for years to boot.  Needless to say, she’s going through a pretty rough time and is undergoing a pretty aggressive regimen of chemotherapy.

This event is a benefit shoot to raise funds to go towards assisting her through this rough time.  We will have a raffle at the event, and I’m planning on also selling tickets on the forum for those of you that want to help, but cannot attend.

Jeff at Shiloh Shooting Range has graciously offered to host the event, as we’ve done with past charity events, and for that I am very grateful.

Raffle Tickets are $5 each

Date: Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Time: 11:00 – 6:00 PM

Where: Shiloh Shooting Range (Click for Directions)

Raffle Items (so far):

Thanks to Everyone that has Donated to the Cause already, it means a LOT to me.


  1. IDPA – Intro to Competitive Shooting (Noon – 2 PM)
  2. NFA Demo (Suppressors) from Rob & Chris from Talon Arms
  3. Prize Drawings (See Above for Prizes)

Food and Drinks will be provided!

If you’d rather opt for a cash donation, I’ve setup this Paypal Donation Link: Click Here to Donate

Although we write a lot about guns, we’re also women and staying on top of our health is very important.  So always remember to get your annual exam and do a self-check from time to time.  These two things, along with other recommended steps to stay healthy – check with your doctor! – are the best forms of self defense for strong, empowered women. WebMd.com has great information on women’s health and it has a physician directory in case you need help finding one.

Also, if you’re reading this after the date of the benefit and still want to help donate towards the greater cause of breast cancer research, check out the Smith and Wesson M&P JG. Our dear friend Julie Goloski-Golob created it after a loved one was affected by cancer.  It’s got a perfect little ribbon engraved on the slide to let people know that every time you shoot, your thoughts are with those who struggle with this disease.  It’s a guaranteed conversation starter for anyone who is close enough to notice your bold statement. Plus it comes with a cute pink backstrap.