Keeping a clear view of your target is critical for safety (our very favorite thing) and accuracy when you’re shooting. And if you’re anything like the ladies here at Girl’s Guide, your two goals on the range are to shoot well and look good doing it. No matter what length of hair you might have (other than the oh-so-cute pixie or bob cuts), your locks can easily get in the way of both of the aforementioned objectives. Fear not- we’ve got options.

We loved the revival of the braid in the summer of 2010 so much that we are absolutely demanding to keep it around. Evidently, we’re not the only ones.

Emily Rossum loose top side braid blends beautifully into her pony tail. This style is a perfect way to sweep long bangs away from your eyes so you can stay focused on your perfect sight picture.

Selena Gomez’s loose side not-quite-French braid is super practical for your time at the range and transitions well to any other occasion or event you might be headed to after you finish your target practice.

Updated Pony Tail

Minka Kelly of ‘Friday Night Lights’ fame brings a 50s-era ‘do back in a big way. Her stylist used a large barrel curling iron to create curls around her head, he said in an interview in InStyle online. Once the curls are ready, he suggests flipping your head upside down, brushing it up high and securing it. He covered her hair tie with strands of her own hair, but feel free to use extensions, if needed.

Kate Hudson’s stylist also used a large barrel curling iron to create her volumized, loose low pony tail. Bring down individual strands with a comb or fingertips to finish the polished look with an effortless quality.

Liv Tyler brings a sleek sensibility to this low, short pony tail.

It’s fun, sporty, and most importantly, it passes the ‘practical’ test for the range. Pair it with some fantastic earrings, as Liv does in this shot, and you’re good to go for any outing on the books after you squeeze in your target practice.

Take a cue from Kristen Bell and add a headband if you’ve got bangs you need to keep out of your eyes. Much like Liv Tyler’s ‘do above, simply add lengthening earrings- hoops or drop earrings work well – and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous style that will last long into the evening.

As you can see here, it doesn’t take much effort to give yourself a little style that makes you feel more feminine among all those boys at the range.  Be noticed first for your style, then wow them with your aim.