Every now and then a girl needs a break from the hectic pace of city life. To that end, Hubs and I left the lights of Los Angeles to spend a little time exploring the wonders of historic Highway 101 (and sometimes Highway 1) on the California/Oregon coastline. Check out the fun gun finds we caught along the way.


This just made me happy.



I might be a little obsessed with roadside dinosaurs at this point. This one is located at the storied Prehistoric Gardens. He was built from local logs and cement in the 1950s. I named him Fred.




One of my favorite shots of Hubs up in Oregon. Is that coastline epic or what?



This still exists. Can you believe it?



Well hello, Paul Bunyan.



Well lookie there – I discovered this shotgun shell component on a black sand beach of Northern California. I just love finding clues that there are gun lovers in unlikely places.



Oregon is for lovers, too.



We made a little wine tasting stop at the yummy Ancient Peaks tasting room. If you are ever on the Central Coast of California, stop in and see them. Tell them I said hi!

Got any Spring Break adventure stories of your own? I’d love to hear them. Share them below. I want pictures, too!