Have you met Mr.ColionNoir yet? If not, shove off that digital rock you have been hiding under and check out this man’s work.

At Girl’s Guide to Guns, we like to break the mold and shake things up a bit. That is one reason we think so highly of Colion – he demonstrates that the face of the American gun owner is changing. We are diverse, we are young and we cherish our Second Amendment freedom.

Admittedly, dudes rarely land on the front page of Girl’s Guide to Guns, but Colion has become a friend in this effort to stand for our 2A rights and I am proud to name him as the first guy to grace the featured article space of this site.  I think you will be pretty impressed with his work. Check it out:

Cam Edwards interviews Colion about his new role as a commentator for NRA News:

Colion’s first piece for NRA News: