In my constant mining for little gold nuggets of female/firearm goodness on the internet, I recently stumbled across a new company called Pretty Dangerous Accessories. First thought: fabulous name. Second thought: “Ooooo- I want that!”

The proprietor of Pretty Dangerous, Julie Ruster-Price, and I began a conversation about the origin of her business and found out that this chick has walked a pretty interesting road.

Julie has a long history in the fashion and merchandising industries, which served her well when it came time to create the custom holsters that are at the center of the Pretty Dangerous line. Like many of us, Julie appreciates beauty and has a refined aesthetic honed over a lifetime of being a girlie girl. Few of us, however, choose to take the step of a second career as a police officer. That is exactly what Julie did. She notes that she loved being a police officer, but an injury and the unexpected passing of her mother lead her to her latest career path; that of an entrepreneur.

Julie Ruster-Price

Julie started down the road of designing the Pretty Dangerous signature holsters after finding that she was unhappy with the options that were on the market at the time.

As a police officer, I had more basket weave than I knew what to do with and if I had to stare at the color blue any longer I was going to scream. I wanted something pretty and simple that would protect the trigger of my gun.

After a little market research, Julie realized that other women were looking for the same thing.  Julie got creative and began to experiment with various shapes, leathers and colors. It took her a couple of tries on the manufacturing side, she says, but the third time was indeed the charm. “I finally have the safe, luxurious product I have been looking for.”

So why all the effort for an item that few people will ever see? “Not many people see it, but I see it,” she says. “It makes me feel good to carry it.”

In addition to the holsters, Julie also offers a purse and super cute clothing options on the website.

Julie credits her supportive husband and the memory of her mother as motivating factors in the long and fabulous journey that has brought her to the genesis of Pretty Dangerous.

the back

What were some of the life lessons Julie learned along the way?

  • Never doubt yourself.  Continue to tell yourself you can do it.
  • If you dont enjoy what you are doing, you will never succeed. Do something you love.
  • Start small and you will be astonished as to what you can accomplish.
  • Push yourself.
  • Go with your gut.

   Thanks for taking the time to chat, Julie! We wish you the very best and expect to see a lot from Pretty Dangerous in the near future!