Dear Girls Guide –

Please don’t think this is anything but a serious inquiry, and I know from past experience that on THIS site, at least, I may get a reasonable response without some pig-head, macho that other sites exude in plenty.

Not new to shoot, but new to carrying (legally I need to add) and have a simple belt holster for my Sig. My new problem is two-fold. Bottom of the holster is open and the top area near the hammer is exposed. I keep the gun clean and well oiled. By the end of the day my shirts show signs of oil from the hammer (shirt worn over the gun and holster) and my pant leg shows some oil and powder residue.

In my opinion (I’m very glad of this) that women seem to take pride in their wardrobe, dress nicer, and do things like pre-treat stains, etc. to keep their closes lasting longer and in better shape. Any great recommendations for treating or getting the oil/powder stains out, i.e. pre-treats or home remedies you could recommend? Tan slacks are looking a bit ‘shady’ where the barrel rubs the pant leg.Thanks and keep up the great work on the site!


Hi Q-

Thanks for the kind words! I think I can help you out. Have you tried Frog Lube? It is a gel substance created by former SEALs and I love using it on my gun. It is effective, non-toxic, does not drip and even smells minty fresh. I have heard dry lube is useful, too, but have yet to actually use it.
Let me know Frog Lube how it works for you!