The day of love is rapidly approaching and it provides the perfect excuse to buy your hunny bunny (or even a gun loving friend) something fun in honor of St. Valentine and his beautiful story.

I have compiled a little group of my favorites so far, but it is a working list, so if you find something that fits this bill, add it in the comments and I will repost it.



For Her:

Personally, I love gun jewelry that is just a little unexpected, if you know what I mean. I like conversation pieces- little things that people who are in the know would get, but outsiders would find cool, too.  These are some of my favorite Valentine-worthy selections:

Hot Caliber Jewelry

Hot Caliber Jewelry – The Impact Earring: $250













The Bolt Face Necklace


From our friend Annette (AKA 30 Cal Gal),  the Bolt Face Nekclace: $65












Bang Bang Boutique Range Bag











The Official Girl’s Guide Necklaces

Gold plated and silver necklaces from $75 to $120











For Him:

Hot Caliber Jewelry – Cufflink: $225













For Both of You:

Chocolate Weapons!!












Fun for the Kids (or a really silly office)