Flashback to a little post I created for you last year:

All photos by Brandon Lippard

Supplies: Shotgun shells, glue (I recommend Gorilla Glue), craft brush, exacto knife, ornament hooks and last but not least… GLITTER!

Glue time.



Spread time.

















Dry time.

(Pretty glitter picture. Thanks, Martha Stewart!)

After the shell is dry, carefully cut a little hole near the top of the shell and rotate the blade to make the hole a bit larger. You will then insert the ornament hook in the hole and secure it around the rim of the shell.

Decoration time!

Holiday sparkles

More sparkles!

Merry Christmas!

















































Lots of love to you and your family!


Send me photos and any other ideas you have! Can’t wait to see! UPDATE: here is a great crafty post from Julie Golob on more  firearm-related decorations you can create at home: http://www.juliegolob.com/christmas-fun-on-the-range-easy-ornaments-how-to