Why this movie should be awesome:

  • Denzel – a badass and a very pretty man.
  • Ryan Reynolds – funny and a very pretty man. Also beginning to really prove himself as an actor these days.
  • It looks like a legit spy action movie.
  • The trailer had me hooked. See why: YouTube Preview Image

Why this movie is almost good:

  • The action scenes are stellar. Kudos to the stunt team on this one. I was on the edge of my seat during every fight sequence.
  • Denzel flashes the pearly whites – any time that man smiles it just makes you feel as though all is right with the world. He is a charmer, am I right?
  • Great website.
  • The audio is fantastic – I know you might think that this is not major factor, but trust me, it is very easy to screw this part of a movie up. The sound team on this movie was super solid.
  • Great editing.
  • Ryan Reynolds sans shirt. Um… have you seen those abs?
  • Seriously, though- Reynolds performance is pretty solid in this movie. I am starting to really like his acting.
  • Great location – the movie is set in South Africa and they do a great job of allowing the audience the chance to get the vibe of that country.

Why this movie is… well, kinda bad: (please note, this is not Ryan or Denzels fault)

  • The trailer is totally misleading. Strike that – actually, it is quite leading: when you watch the trailer you can’t help but wonder what the plot will be. The thing is, when you walk out of the movie you are still wondering.
  • The movie rips on people in the Clandestine Services big time. Look, I know not everyone in the CIA is a good guy, but ya know what? Most of them are. I am so over movies slamming people who serve our country and support freedom for people around the world. Lame-o-la.
  • Wait, what was the plot again?
  • Over played ending. I just didn’t buy it. If the movie was epic, I might have been invested enough to care. The character development was just not there.
  • The tag line: No One is Safe. What does that even mean? And how on earth does that phrase apply to this movie?
  • Did I mention that the plot runs about as deep as a thimble?
  • Technical issues. Highly unrealistic protocol scenarios. About halfway through the movie I began to wonder if the writer, David Guggenheim, did any research at all. But then, who knows? I am no CIA operative.  Maybe this exact scenario actually happened and Guggenheim (I do love saying his name) documented it word for word. Maybe it was the director, Daniel Espinosa, who blew it big time. Listen, making a movie is tough and making a good movie is darn near impossible. You get an A for effort, boys but sadly, in my book, Safe House isn’t where it needs to be. Better luck next time.

If you are interested in seeing a movie strictly for the action, I would recommend Safe House. Otherwise, rent it at redbox after you have seen every other Denzel and/or Ryan Reynolds movie ever made. Ever. Including Van Wilder.