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August 21, 2011

These women pack heat

By Brian Livingston / [email protected] The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Anyone thinking that Betty Lacy can’t take care of herself better think twice because the 81-year-old widow from Meridian is packing heat.

“I have a permit to carry my .38 and I know how to use it,” says Lacy.

Lacy is one of three remaining charter members of the Lauderdale Association of Women Shooters, LAWS, that just recently celebrated its 30th birthday. She says the organization, formed with the help and instruction of Meridian Police Department officers in August 1981, is still going strong with about 35 members.

“The ladies range in age from 30 to my age,” Lacy says. “We have a great many others whom we train to handle a gun.”

Seven of the LAWS members, including Lacy, are certified National Rifle Association (NRA) gun instructors. Lacy says the club takes women who want to learn about guns through all the steps including how to buy a gun, store a gun, clean it, and most importantly, how to operate and fire the weapon.

Lacy says the women use revolvers because of their simplicity and reliability. She and her husband, T.M. Lacy, were able to find some acreage on their property to set up a shooting range in 1987. Once a month the ladies meet to go over the latest in firearm safety and operation and to go out and fire off some rounds.

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