…is one of the most badass guns out there. Ask any knowledgeable firearm aficionado and he or she will tell you the same.  And today, in celebration of my acceptance into the DAR, my friend Rick and I shot a Desert Eagle.



  • Type: Self-Loading pistol
  • Trigger: Gas-Operated Double/Single-Action
  • Caliber: .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .50 Action Express; also .41 Magnum and .440 Cor-bon (both obsolete)
  • Length, overall: Mark VII 10.6 in (269.2 mm) with 6in barrel, Mark XIX 10.75 in (273.1 mm) (6in barrel), 14.75 in (374.7 mm) (10in barrel)
  • Barrel length: 6 in (152.4 mm), 10 in (254.0 mm)
  • Weight unloaded : Mark VII; 1,766 g (3.9 lb) (.357 MAGNUM), 1,897 g (4.2 lb) (.44 MAGNUM),
Mark XIX; 1,998.6 g (4.5 lb)
  • Capacity: 9 rounds (.357 Magnum), 8 rounds (.44 Magnum) or 7 rounds (.50 Action Express)

One word: DAMN. Shooting a Desert Eagle is a crazy experience. And if you decide you’d like to take part, be forewarned. This gun has some serious recoil. You feel that concussion in your toes! Tragically, this lady felt it in her face:YouTube Preview Image

I’m happy to say that, though I almost lost control of the gun (Don’t worry, we loaded it one Two-dollar -and-fifty-cent bullet at a time for safety), I would have significantly lowered the perpetrator’s blood pressure:

Not bad, right?

My little brother was quick to point out that the groupings of my bullets were not tight. Point taken. It’s true. But did you see the size of those holes? Come on! When you’re working with this gun, I think one is enough.

A friend told me he shot a Desert Eagle bullet through the engine of a truck. Not into… THROUGH. I don’t doubt it. The Desert Eagle is more of a hand canon than a gun, really.  This is what a .50 Caliber Desert Eagle hollow point bullet looks like:

Might do some damage...

Might do some damage…

22/ 9mm/Desert Eagle

22 Caliber, 9mm, Desert Eagle (the big one)

And this is what I look like holding it:

Dream Gun

Dream Gun

And this is what Demi Moore looks like holding it in Charlie’s Angels:


Yeah Right.

Video of my experience coming soon.